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A standard dartboard is 17.75 inches in diameter 2. The circle on the dartboard is equally divided into 20 pie-shaped segments. The circle on the dartboard is equally divided into 20 pie-shaped segments The standard dartboard measurement is 18 inches in diameter and has 20 numbered, pie-shaped segments of equal size, plus the bull's-eye. Each numbered segment has a double ring on the outside perimeter of the scoring area and an interior triple ring (which count as double and triple of that number respectively) That being said, it can go from 7 feet 9 ¼ inches, for soft tip darts to 8 feet for steel tip darts. However, the 7 feet 9 ¼ inches, is considered to be the official dartboard distance. On the other hand, there are some other dartboard games with somewhat different dartboard distance regulation It is divided into twenty numbered segments that resemble pieces of pie and are all the equal size. As regards for dartboard setup, it varies depending on the type of dartboard you are playing on, Standard Clock, Yorkshire / Kent Doubles, Manchester. Reply. Matthew holmes. January 2, 2020 at 6:50 pm . How long is the oche

Esjay 18 inch Magnetic Dart Board Set, Safe Dart Game for Kids, Best Boy Toys Gift Indoor Outdoor Game with 12 Darts, Double Sided Large Size Dartboard 4.6 out of 5 stars 242 $37.99 $ 37 . 9 So, you need to make sure that your dartboard is in a low traffic area so that you do not hurt someone. If you are serious about the game of darts, then you want to make sure that your dartboard is at the correct Height and Distance. The bull's-eye must be 5ft 8in (173cm) above the floor It is a good price for a full size dartboard. It comes with 3 red and 3 green darts. Quick delivery (3 days from dispatch date) BAD POINTS. Although this was a full size board, it is only around HALF the thickness of a real dartboard. The darts are made out of a cheap bendy plastic (the kind garden furniture is made out of Darts or dart-throwing is a competitive sport in which two or more players bare-handedly throw small sharp-pointed missiles known as darts at a round target known as a dartboard. Darts players are sometimes termed dartists. Points can be scored by hitting specific marked areas of the board, though unlike in sports such as archery, these areas are distributed all across the board and do not. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard is sanctioned by the world Dart Federation.It is the official world cup dartboard from back in 1999. This is a classic dartboard design that purists and competitive dart throwers will be happy to have in their home

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  1. includes 2 sets of darts, a regulation size 18 x 1 1/2 bristle dartboard, a chalk scoreboard for manual scoring, and a touchpad dart scorer Buy From Amazon.com Viper by GLD Products 40-0407 Metropolitan Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Cabinet: Cabinet Only (No Dartboard), Espresso Finis
  2. The height from the floor to the center of the dartboard (the bulls eye) must be 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters). This is the internationally recognized official dartboard height for steel tip as well as soft tipped darts
  3. This model is an excellent alternative for Dart-Stop 36 Inch dartboard backboard. Unlike the former, this model has a small dartboard backboard size. Also, it is less expensive compared to Dart-Stop 36 inch backboard. It has drywall, wood, stucco, plaster, masonry, and concrete, which help you mount this unit on any wall without stress
  4. The size makes this dartboard very versatile and it can fit into any playroom, bar or championship location. A game is incomplete if there is no scoring, hence, the Winmau Blade 5 sports an impressive wiring surface area that was reduced by a 14% margin when compared to the previous version
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  6. The Dartboard Height - Center of Bull to the Ground Setup the dartboard height to measure 5 Feet 8 Inches(173 cm) from the center of the dartboard (the center of the bull) to the ground. The height can also be measured as 68 inches or 1.73 meters.; The Dartboard Distance - Ground to the Och

The Viper Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip dartboard is an executive tournament size board that measures 18-inch diameter and 1.5-inch depth. This pro dartboard features metal radial spider wire, high-quality compressed sisal board equipped with rotating number ring, and staple-free Bullseye The standard regulation dartboard is sometimes called a clock dartboard because of its resemblance to a clock, or a London dartboard. It has a bulls eye in the center, with an inner and outer bull. Outside of the bullseye it has 20 numbered segments that look like pie or pizza slices. Each numbered segment is of equal size

A solid-wood dartboard cabinet typically starts at $150, and at that price you're getting one made of pine; you'll pay much more for a premium hardwood. For the same cost, you can build a better one yourself, such as this one, which is stylish, durable and easy to make. There are no fussy miters. Unicorn Brighton Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set with Regulation Size Bristle Dartboard, Steel Tip Darts, and Dry Erase Boards 4.4 out of 5 stars 22 $54.16 $ 54 . 1 How about a set which includes the dartboard itself, plus two sets of darts, a sleek cabinet, a chalk and duster set and more. Or you might consider a great quality Unicorn dartboard instead. An electronic dartboard will mean you can even play against the computer when you're at home by yourself Size - Regulation dart boards measure at 15.5, and most of the dart boards you encounter will be this size. However, there are others which only measure 13.5, which is still large enough for sufficient play and practice, but are not accepted as tournament size Beyond dartboard wall protection feature, it pays to look at the aesthetic features. You can pick the Sisal fiber and slim metallic wireline dartboards if you value durability. Check out the size of the dartboard backboard in line with your space at home or recreation spot

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Tournament-Quality Electronic Dartboard- Regulation 15.5 Target Area; 39 Games with 179 Variations (7 Cricket Games) NylonTough Segments Improve Durability and Playability; Micro-Thin Segment Dividers Dramatically Reduce Bounce-Outs; Up to 8 Players with 4-Player Jumbo X/O LED Score Displa The size of a standard regulation dartboard is 18 inches in diameter and is made up of 20 numbered segments of equal size, which are further segmented into double and treble scoring zones with an inner and outer bull in the centre. Dartboard Dimensions: Scoring Zones

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Dartboard Height: The dartboard is placed into the wall at a distance of exactly 5 feet 8 inches or 173 centimeters from the floor to the center of the bullseye. Throwing Distance. The player stands exactly 7 feet 9 ¼ inches or 237 centimeters from the front of the dartboard to the back of the throwline. Diagonal Distanc The Dartboard. Hard-Tip: Regulation size: 17-3/4 diameter. That's the full board. 17-3/4 (call it 18) is the side of the full board to the edge. 13-1/4 is the diameter of the playable area. Soft-Tip: Regulation size: 15-1/2 diameter. 15 is the diameter of the playable area. Practice Boards. Various practice boards are made The official size of the dartboard measures 18 inches by 1.5 inches and can be hung up in any room using the included mounting accessories. With a high-visibility painted number ring, the Narwhal Kingston Dartboard allows players to test out hand-eye coordination skills and perfect aiming and throwing darts

While the size of soft tip dartboard can be anywhere from 13.5 to 15.5 inches in diameter. The international standard size of a soft tip board is 15.5 inches in diameter. And the target area on a regulation board is 15 inches in diameter 17 DARTBOARD SET FULL SIZE 6 DARTS FUN FAMILY DART BOARD GAME ADULTS KIDS. £12.89. Free postage. Click & Collect. 230 sold. Unicorn Striker Bristle Dartboard & Gorilla Arrow Pro Portable Dart Board Stand. £59.95. Click & Collect. Was: £94.94. Free postage. 1,053 sold I simply placed my dartboard on my material and decided big I wanted to build the cabinet around it. In this case, the pallet boards were standard sizes (both 1x6 and 1x4 boards). 4 large boards from the pallet made a perfect length across and the small boards were a perfect width Unicorn Striker Official PDC Championship Size Quality Bristle Dartboard. 5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 product ratings - Unicorn Striker Official PDC Championship Size Quality Bristle Dartboard. £27.99. Free postage. Click & Collect. Mission Dartboard Cabinet Heavy Duty Dart Board Deluxe Wooden Cabinets Shot Renegade Dartboard Cabinet Set . R 799 00 Shot Rogue Bristle Dartboard . R 349 00 Unicorn Extra large Aluminium Dart Shafts Set . R 129 00 Unicorn S500 Dart Gift Set . R 349 00 Unicorn S100 Darts . R 99 00 Spalding Large Killer Scorer . R 59 00 Shoot Dartboard Cabinet Top . R 349 00.

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  1. Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard Set - Digital Dartboard with Scoreboard - Official Size 15.5 - Safe Soft Tip Dartboard - FS6000 (Sports) New From: $69.49 In Stoc
  2. The target area must be exactly 15.5 inches for official darts tournaments. However dartboards are made in varying diameters ranging from 13 to 15 inches. This is an important factor to be aware of so you choose the right dartboard for you. For example if you are a more serious player you will want to practice on the regulation size dartboard
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  4. There are a lot of different magnetic dart board sizes but the most commonly used in the industry and manufactured by the dart board brands is the 16 inches size. When you want to purchase a dartboard, we will recommend purchasing one with a standard size because it will serve you two important purposes
  5. 18x1.5 Pro Regulation Size Dart Board. Bristle Dartboard with 6 Steel Tip Darts. 5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - 18x1.5 Pro Regulation Size Dart Board. Bristle Dartboard with 6 Steel Tip Darts. $39.99. Free shipping. 18 In Professional Regulation Size Bristle Dart Board High Quality 10 Lb

The throwing line should be 7'9 ¼ from the dartboard. 8' for soft tip darts. A 2' mat or rug should be placed behind the line. In addition to the dimensions, putting together the ultimate dart den can require a little bit of know-how that isn't common sense in the first place Image size. Measurement. Pixels. Measurement. Min width. Min height. Safe search. On. Off. Shutterstock's safe search will exclude restricted content from your search results. dartboard images. 84,759 dartboard stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See dartboard stock video clips

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Standard height from the floor to the bullseye on the dartboard is 5 feet 8 inches, while the oche (distance between the front of the board and the toeline) should measure 7 feet 9.25inches. Basic Rules: In a game of 501 the object is for one player or a team to be the first to reach zero from starting total of 501 Dartboard surrounds is a collective term for dartboard backgrounds and dartboard wall protectors. A dartboard surround protects your wall against darts ending up beside the board. The dartboard backgrounds can be sorted by color and brand. On this page, you can find our complete assortment of dartboard surrounds Free Printable Games. Joe Biden is not the President Elect. The President Elect is the person who has won enough votes in the Electoral College to be declared the victor in the Presidential Election Dartboard size is 15.5″. Micro-thin segments dividers reduce bounce-outs, the Nylon Tough segments are there to improve durability and playability. One of the best parts is voice »support«, a handicap feature, solo play mode, and sleep mode. This is not all. Convenient storage with three shelves is a great addition to keep the room clean.

Official Size Dimensions: 18 x 1.5 (45.7 x 3.8 cm) Includes bristle dartboard, 6 deluxe steel tip darts, 2 pieces of chalk, 1 eraser, hardware and hang wall templat A regulation-size dartboard allows for easy play for those of all skill levels. For regulation play, your dartboard should be exactly 5 feet and 8 inches from the floor. It should also be 7 feet and 9-and one-fourth inches from the throw-line. The diameter of a regulation-size dartboard is about 18 inches

Height of the Dartboard. The height of both the bristle and electronic dartboard is set at 5' 8 from the floor to the center of the bulls-eye always with the 20 wedge on a black segment and on top of the board in the 12 o'clock position. The steel tip dartboard comes with a screw to put in the center of the back of the dartboard The best thing about this is that you could cut the backing down to whatever size you like, depending on how accurate you are. Personally I've used a particularly large piece of backing to cover more space below the dartboard, as my kids regularly play and tend to throw below the board, more often than not Viper Electronic dartboard is bringing all modern innovation in front of you. The regulation size target area, tournament quality resin segment, ultra-thin spider, concave hole segment, bright LCD and stylish face color makes it the popular dartboard in the market. For professional dart game players, it has 32 built-in games with 590 variations

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Winmau® Dartboard Surround High-density Polyurethane (PU) Foam Size: 68 cm x 3.25 cm (26.75 in. x 1.3 in.) Dartboard Not Include Key considerations Size. For hard-tip darts, a regulation dartboard measures 17.75 inches in diameter and is divided into 20 radial sections by a grid of thin plastic or metal called the spider. Soft-tip boards (most electronic versions) must measure 15.5 inches to comply with competitive regulations Unicorn Solar Dartboard Lighting System The Unicorn Solar is an integrated, illuminated Pro surround that fits standard size dartboards. No assembly required 360 degrees non.. dartboard size, Find Quality dartboard size and Buy dartboard size from Reliable Global dartboard size Suppliers from mobile site on m.alibaba.com. Search Products. 1068 dartboard size products below Factory direct wholesale dartboard blade wire classical bristle best dart board. MOQ: 100 Pieces.

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This electronic dartboard has a regulation size 15.5 target area, so it's perfect for tournaments or to practice on the same size board that you'll be playing on in a tournament or in competition. Games and Variations. You'll notice this is the biggest difference between the 3 models. The 750 has the fewest and the 900 has the most This dartboard has a tournament size (18″). Viper League pro can be used as a soft tip and steel tip dartboard. My suggestion is to use a steel tip, because bristle dart boards are for steel tip, with soft tip darts you can have a lot of bounces out SPORTIVO DI VINCI ELECTRONIC DART BOARD FULL SIZE NEW IN BOX. AU $89.95. Free postage. 8 watching. Formula Sports Electronic Dartboard With 6 Soft Tip Darts. AU $49.99. Electronic Dartboard LCD Screen Dartboards With Music And Sound Reminder For The. AU $61.34. Free postage. Formula Sports Electronic Dartboard Set with 18 built-in Games. AU. #106951404 - Red dart hit on the dartboard with white light bulb on the table,.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #132031214 - game of darts hanging on the wall. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #33566078 - Target icon for business or sport. Vector. Similar Images. Find the best free stock images about dartboard. Download all photos and use them even for commercial projects

Full size 18 x 1 1/2 dartboard meets World Dart Federation specifications. COMPOSITE BOARD EDGING. Assists number ring rotation and provides a clean and finished look. CHOICE OF SISAL DENSITIES. The Bandit is Medium Packed for a lighter throw and humid climate conditions. The Bandit Duro is Hard Packed with 6% more sisal, best suited for a. DARTBOARD BUNDLES. STEEL TIP DARTBOARD BUNDLES. All Dartboard Bundles. Home / Dartboards & Cabinets. Showing 1-48 of 81 results Browse: Viper Shot King Sisal Dartboard. Sold Out $45.99. Viper Dart Laser Throw Line. $24.99. Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard. $54.99 $84.99. Viper Laser Lite Dart Line. $24.99. Viper League Pro Sisal Dartboard Starter. Viper ION LED Illuminated Electronic Dartboard. $179.99. Bullshooter Voyager Electronic Dartboard. $69.99. Arachnid Electronic Touch Pad Scorer With LCD Display. $34.99. Franklin FS 3000 Electronic Dartboard. $34.99. Franklin FS 1500 Electronic Dartboard. $24.99. Fat Cat Sirius 13.5 Electronic Dartboard Specialist Dartboard 2 items; Training Dartboards 2 items; 25 Items . Filter. Sort By. Set Descending Direction. Show. per page. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard. £53.90. Buy Now. Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard. £41.90. Buy Now. Winmau Blade Dual Core Champions Choice Dartboard. £53.90. Buy Now My wine cork dartboard measures 60″ tall by 40″ wide. It also took about 1200 corks. You do not have to make one this large. When you determine your size, you should know that the bullseye on your dartboard should be 5'8″ off the ground. So make sure the size you select allows for the hanging height requirement

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  1. The regulated-size dartboard is made of advanced nylon, which enables darts to go in without a problem, and at the same time makes the removal of broken tips easy. The sensitive but durable control buttons, make the machine appealing and functional. The dimensions of the cabinet are 86″ tall X 25″ wide X 23″ deep
  2. The London, Clock Dartboard. This is the standard dartboard used in modern dart tournaments across the World. Made using sisal, a plant material the dartboards is also sometimes referred to as the trebles dartboard. Use by the BDO, PDC and WDF dart organisations
  3. A Dartboard is a circular target used to catch darts when playing Darts and is placed against the wall with the bull's eye being at eye level. A Dartboard is typically divided into 20 sections. Each section is divided by a thin metal and is marked with a number. Dartboards have a regulated overall diameter of 17.75 (451 mm), typical depth of 1.5 (38.1 mm) and weight between 10-12 lb (4.

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  1. How far is the distance to the dartboard? WARNING: Since 01/01/2016, the clearances for Soft and Steel Dart have been adjusted. The distance from the throw line to the dartboard is ALWAYS 237 cm. How high does a dartboard have to hang? The height is always measured from the floor to the Bulls Eye
  2. The height of the dartboard at the center of the Bull, or Bullseye, should be 5 feet, 8 inches. The throwing distance is 8 feet, as measured along the floor, from the plane of the face of the dart board. Don't measure from the wall, as that would offset the measurement by the thickness of the board
  3. As you can see in the diagram, regulation dartboard height has the bull's eye at 5' 8 from the floor for both soft tip and steel tip darts. Regulation distance from the dartboard face is 7' 9-1/4 for steel tip darts and 8' for soft tip darts. You can also buy dart supplies, read more dart articles or subscribe to Dart Brokers
  4. Size: 57.06cm x 53.00cm x 4.15cm; Weight: 8.11 lbs (3.68kg) / User manual ・Warranty card・Installation guide sheet / Soft-tip dar ts pack×2 / Screws / USB cable ※For ages 16
  5. (Dimensions for area that dartboard goes : 31 ¼ tall x 25 wide x 2 7/8 deep) Constructed of hardwood and hardwood veneers with antique bronze hinges and cabinet door knobs. Offered in black wire brush, espresso and rustic grey finishes. Cabinet dimensions are 37 x 30.25 x 7.25. Dartboard and darts not included
  6. g with 6 Japanese soft tip darts, you'll be able to quickly enhance your skills with precision. Powered by AA batteries, you can place the board anywhere in your home without having to worry about having an outlet nearby
  7. Dartboard setup. This is the correct setup of a steeltip board. The red line marks the throwing line. Height is measured from the floor to the center of the bull's eye. Note that the throwing distance is measured on the floor from the throwing line to a perpendicular line (use a plumb) from the board surface

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  1. This personalized dartboard cabinet is the perfect addition to any game room. The impressive, rustic barn style cabinet doors open to reveal regulation size dartboard and 12 darts, (included). Handcrafted from solid oak in a rich whiskey finish with handsome iron hinges and handles. Personalize with family name.Dimensions: 25W x 7D x 30
  2. um frame and Custom single dartboard / dart board
  3. Alibaba.com offers 901 size of dartboard products. About 14% of these are darts. A wide variety of size of dartboard options are available to you, such as pvc, metal, and plastic
  4. A dartboard is made of cork. It needs to have a thickness of at least 1½ inches. It needs to have a thickness of at least 1½ inches. This will prevent the thrown dart from penetrating through the cork to damage the wall
  5. Spider 360 2000 Series Dartboard of Champions. $3,499.00 . Complete Electronic Dartboard Package. $349.79 . Steel Tip Dart Board & Billiard Cue Cabinet Pkg-English Tudor. $799.79 . Steel Tip Dart Board and Billiard Cue Cabinet Pkg - Chestnut. $899.00 $799.79
  6. This championship size bristle dartboard includes a moveable metal number ring, two sets of brass plated darts and a throwing line, great for anyone who loves the challenge of darts. Endorsed and recommended by Michael Van Gerwen, play championship style darts within the comfort of your home. Read More
  7. The Ultimate Piece of History for Dartboard Collectors. AU$200.00. Out of Stock. Shot Bandit Duro Bristle Dartboard. Premium Quality . AU$149.95. Out of Stock. Shot Darts Travel Throwline. Compact Throwline. AU$4.60. Add to Cart. Rogue Bristle Dartboard -Tournament Size 18 x 1 ½.

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Size. 1x4. After the release of Hot Date, The Triple Bull Dartboard was added as a recreational object that could be placed on community lots. It was included in later expansion packs, and can be placed on community lots in all sub-neighborhoods. However, it was never made available for purchase on residential lots Treat your customers to a high quality game of darts with this Winmau WIN400 Diamond 18 x 1 1/2 bristle dartboard! Its regulation size makes it perfect for promotional games and tournaments. Plus, it's a great way to draw a fun, active crowd into your bar or restaurant for an exciting atmosphere.<br><br> Featuring thin, diamond angled wire to help reduce bounce-outs, this board includes a. Arachnid Marauder 5.0 Electronic Dartboard is a combination of all the best features. Here I would like to mention the features. Target Area Size: The target area is an important feature of any dartboard. When you deciding to buy a dartboard. Make sure the design indicates a high-quality surface. This Bullshooter has 13.5 inches target area. The EastPoint Sports Narwhal Kingston Dartboard is a self-healing bristle dartboard that measures an official size, 18 inches by 1.5 inches; dartboard features a high visibility painted number ring with 9 Narwhal Tournament Steel Dart Set and 3 Extra Shafts (as the picture show) Please check the pictures carefully Here is a novel PowerPoint template of a dart board and set of darts. With the school holidays upon us, you could print this off and have a pretend game of darts

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard Unicorn have been at the forefront of the darting world for over 80 years, having designed and engineered the most successful darts in the industry and winning more World Titles than any other brand. Unicorn is also the official manufacturer and supplier of Dartboards for the PDC. This Championship quality Bristle Board is designed to maximise averages thanks to. Whether you're after an electronic dartboard or a traditional dartboard with a score board, choose from a varied selection here. Mini darboards, soft tip sets and board surrounds come from leading brands, including Unicorn, Winmau and Dunlop. Dart Accessories Darts Dart Flights Unicorn Dart Stems The Gran Board 3 is a less-expensive connected dartboard choice that works just as well as the Guz 2, but this electronic model can connect with more online players - and will wow your friends with its fancy appearance. A deeper dive on the Guz 2 Electronic Professional Smart Dartboard: Size: 15½ Board material: Thermoplasti Although the Yorkshire dartboard can still be easily be found, the Kent doubles is a little rarer. However, I believe leagues still exist. The origins of the Kent Doubles stem from the Yorkshire Dartboard. Basically, both dartboards are the same size although some references say the original Kent dartboard size was bigger than the Yorkshire.

1. Measure the height of the dartboard cabinet and divide the measurement in half. Subtract that measurement from 5 feet 8 inches, measure up from the floor to this height and place a horizontal. Wall Mounted Dartboard Cabinet Description: The goal of this wall mounted dartboard cabinet kit is have everything you need to assemble. No hidden costs $, heavy/special tools, glue, screws, painting, routing, cut plexiglass, or multiple expensive trips to Home Depot are required. A quick google search for dartboard units that will actually keep score like at a sports bar and you will see they.

Most dartboards and dartboard cabinets come with one of two easy-to-use hanger systems. One uses a hanging wire and mounts to the wall with a screw. The other type is a flange and bracket system, designed to easily slide the board or cabinet into place on the wall. A dartboard mounts inside a dartboard cabinet using this same type of hardware Shadow free lighting surround for any size bristle dartboard. £79.96 (£66.63 exc VAT) Gary Anderson Code 90% Tungsten. Each Player Code Dart Has a Unique and Aggressive Code Grip Pattern Spelling The Players Name In Morse Code From The Front Of The Barrel Towards The Shaft..

Arachnid® Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dart Board witharachnid full size bar dart board Top gun Challenge1 Pc Canvas Art Blooming Dart Board Poster HD Printed Wall1970 DODGE DART CUSTOM SWINGER201676

Bulls Dartboard Surround - Lightweight - 2 Sided - 4 Piece Jigsaw Design Surround - Plain - Red £17.50 (Ex VAT) £21.00 (Inc VAT) In Stock : 12 SU033 One80 Knock-Down Surround - Lightweight - 4 Piece Jigsaw Design - Square - Black £24.13 (Ex VAT) £28.95 (Inc VAT). The Blade 5 Dual Core represents the pinnacle of dartboard technology and innovation. Exclusive dual core technology achieves lower compression at the outer core, which increases point penetration for fewer lost darts and higher scores, whilst higher compression at the inner core increases resistance below the surface, absorbing excess kinetic energy for improved durability There is no need to fix the surround to the wall, as it fits snugly around the dartboard as long as the dartboard itself is properly secured to the wall. The surrounds come in a range of colours red, black, orange, white and blue. The surround protects your wall as most surrounds are roughly around 5 or 12 cm wide The included dartboard is an official size Bristle sisal dartboard with self-healing properties. The board includes a rotatable number ring so that the heavy traffic areas of the board can be changed to prolong the life of your dartboard. The set includes 6 steel tip darts, so the board is ready to play on when you get it home..

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