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Find all the latest freediving world records right here. Covering all disciplines, you can find the current male and female world records and watch the deepest and longest apnea dives by the best freedivers in the world. Beneath the table of freediving record, watch all the current freediving world records and check out the history of each discipline by clicking through to th The Longest Free Dive World Record Holder. Freediving is one of the first underwater sports to come into existence. It has been around for a very long time. Traditionally, people used to freedive for food, sponges, coral, and pearls. Freediving only reduced after technology advanced, introducing us to more convenient fishing and foraging methods

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The French free diver Jacques Mayol was the first diver to reach 100 meters, in 1980, but he used weights to quickly pull himself down and floats to return to the surface. Trubridge goes for the. An independent record label with the goal of providing the best production and marketing services for up and coming artists to take the next step © 2020 Free Dive Records. records Austrian Herbert Nitsch is the current freediving world record holder and is a.k.a. the deepest man on earth. Watch and see what happens when you push your.. Audrey Mestre, 171m, October 2002. Audrey Mestre married Pipin Ferreras in 1999, and the couple became the most famous in the free diving world. In 2002, Mestre attempted to break the record for.

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14 June 2007. The deepest no-limit freedive by a male is 214 m (702 ft 1.18 in), by Herbert Nitsch (Austria) in Spetses, Greece, on 14 June 2007. Widely considered to be the most dangerous form of freediving, no-limits practitioners can descend and ascend using the method of their choosing His record of 66 m (217 ft) for Constant Weight without fins, set in 2004, was beaten by 14 m in 2005 by Czech free-diver, Martin Štěpánek, who was also the holder of the Free Immersion record of 106 m (348 ft); Nitsch recorded 100 m (328 ft) in September 2003, but his record was bettered by a dive of 101 m by Carlos Coste of Venezuela in October the same year and then twice improved upon by Štěpánek Nicholas Mevoli, a diver from New York died on 17 November 2013 after losing consciousness on surfacing from a 3-minute 38 second dive to a depth of 72 metres during an official record attempt in the constant weight without fins event. He had previously reached greater depths and longer times in other disciplines A German 'free diver' has apparently entered the Guinness World Records by holding his breath under water for more than 20 minutes. Tom Sietas, 35, competed with former record holder, Brazilian. For many, the idea of diving 100 meters below the ocean surface without an oxygen tank could induce a panic attack

French free diver Arnaud Jerald descended 112 meters -- more than a football field -- beneath the surface, with the dive lasting over three minutes The Guinness World Records Official site with ultimate record-breaking facts & achievements. Do you want to set a world record? Are you Officially Amazing A freediver has set a new world record - plunging 122m into a blue hole in the Bahamas on one breath.. New Zealander William Trubridge set his 16th world mark, beating his own record of 121 metres Free Diving World Record Will Soon Be Pushed to 1,000 Feet, Author Says James Nestor says diving the ocean shows how much we can learn about our planet and its inhabitants—including us. 6 Minute.

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The world record is Trubridge's 18th and his third of the year having broken his own free immersion (rope assisted dive) record in April and again in May Oct. 17, 2002 -- Champion free diver Audrey Mestre took a single breath, then dove 561 feet to try to try to break a world record. But the 28-year-old French woman did not make it back up alive [June 5] Plantation, FL -- William Trubridge set a new world record in unassisted free diving at Dean's Blue Hole on Long Island in the Bahama Out Islands. On April 11, 2007, with a dive time of 3'09 and without the assistance of fins, ropes or weight belts, Trubridge reached an unassisted free dive depth of 82 meters at Dean's Blue Free Dive Records. 688 likes · 6 talking about this. An independent record label, but we act more as a collective with the goal of providing the best possible resources to create and succeed. Even.. One bird was recorded to have dived at 210 meters (688 feet), setting the deepest dive record for Thick-Billed Murres. 253.2 Metres Deep. Known as the deepest man on Earth, Herbert Nitsch is the current freediving world record champion with a world record dive in 2012 at 253.2 meters (831 feet). At the cost of this achievement though, he.

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In freediving there are more than 10 disciplines. Here is the short version and the freedive records in the six freediving disciplines acknowledged by AIDA: Freediving world records Discipline World record men World record women STA As long time as possible 11.35 minutes, Stephane Mifsud, France, 2009. 9.02 minutes, Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 2013 DYN Distance. Natalia Molchanova achieved that time, the women's world record in static apnea—holding her breath while motionless in a pool—in 2013. Two years later, Molchanova, considered by many to be the greatest free diver in history, disappeared off the coast of Spain during a recreational dive on a sunny August morning. Her body was never found Russian free diving champion Alexey Molchanov has set a new world record for free diving under ice, the International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) announced on Tuesday The current world record holder for this type of practice is Peter Pedersen, who swam 610 feet while holding his breath. Deepest Free Dive Fun Facts. One of the first freediving competitions was held in 1911 when a fisherman named Yorgos Statti took on a bet to dive more than 200 feet to salvage the anchor of another ship

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  1. This is the discipline where the record for the deepest free dive ever done by a human was set, and boy was it deep. The record holder is Herbert Nitsch, an Austrian freediving champion and real-world Aquaman who can now honestly call himself The Deepest Man on Earth after diving to a depth of 830.8 feet.. It almost killed him and others have died trying lesser distances, but he's the only.
  2. A woman free diver has set a new record for Bermuda and South Africa, and raised thousands of dollars for marine education and research.Beth Neale reached a depth of 164 feet (50 metres) at the.
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  4. It's more visually appealing than the simple dive log below. Download the free form log here (opens a new window). Simple Dive Log. If you're just looking to capture enough information to plan your next repetitive dive or are just not the sort to record things, this is the dive log for you. Download the simple dive log here (opens a new window)
  5. FUKUOKA - Record-breaking Japanese free diver Sayuri Kinoshita died Monday following a fall from her apartment in Okinawa Prefecture last week, according to police and her family. Sayuri.
  6. ation that has yet to be matched, but many will continue to muster up the courage and will to challenge the record. There is something to be said for free divers, and that is that they have guts

In 2017, freediver Guillaume Néry performed a single breath-hold dive to the very bottom of the pool. Deepest Scuba Dive - Male (2014) PADI® Instructor Ahmed Gabr holds the world record for deepest scuba dive. Gabr trained for four years before the attempt, which culminated in a dive to 1090 feet (332 meters) The dive took much longer than I was expecting and it was vastly harder than I thought it would be. The risks of freediving are well documented . To freedive under the ice is even more dangerous Have you ever dreamed of passively exploring the underwater world free from equipment? Freediving is the most natural and serene way to explore the depths of the oceans with minimal impact. It is also the ultimate way to free yourself and spend more time enjoying the beauty and silence of the sea

An American diver broke the record for deepest submarine dive ever and found something disheartening at the bottom of the ocean — a plastic bag. The dive was recorded for Deep Planet, a. Arnaud Jerald broke the world record for the deepest sea dive in bi-fins at a depth of 354 feet. Now, in a dive lasting three minutes and 24 seconds, he's surpassed his own record, descending to. Alec Wilkinson on Sara Campbell, a British free diver, and the race to be the first woman to complete a constant-weight dive of a hundred metres

Niki Roderick of New Zealand won Silver with a 55m dive and Natalia Molchanova of Russia earned gold with a world record dive to 62m. In the men's event, Will Winram earned silver with an 86m national record dive. William Trubridge of New Zealand hit 90m, giving him gold and a new world record. For more info and results, see verticalblue.net William Trubridge breaks the freediving world record without fins with a dive to 88m (288 feet) in 3:30 in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas. For more information The previous record holder for the deepest scuba dive, Nuno Gomes of South Africa, also dove off the coast of Dahab, in 2005, reaching a depth of 1,044 feet (318.21 m). [ 7 Amazing Superhuman Feats Ant Williams' 100 metre dive at the 2012 Freediving World Cup. A New Zealand-raised freediver has broken the world record for the deepest dive under ice, reaching a depth of 70 metres

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  1. A tiny armadillo quenches its thirst after a wildfire rescue, and a free diver takes the plunge, breaking a world record. Here are some of the stories you may have missed this week
  2. Nicholas Mevoli of Brooklyn competing in May in Honduras, where he became the first American to free dive to 100 meters. He died Sunday in the Bahamas after trying to set an American record. Credit..
  3. William Trubridge is the world champion and world record holder in the sport of freediving (breath hold diving). He remains the first and only man to dive to a depth of 100m completely unassisted. William is also the director of Vertical Blue, a freediving team and school based in the Bahamas at Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island
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In this breathtaking talk, world champion freediver Guillaume Néry takes us with him into the ocean's depths. Meter by meter, he explains the physical and emotional impact of water pressure, silence and holding your breath. His eloquent description of the underwater experience reveals the hidden poetry of freediving Free divers swim to extreme depths underwater (the current record is 214m) without any breathing apparatus. Champions can hold their breath for extraordinary amounts of time - the record for.

The surface dive is a complex yet easily mastered maneuver. It's basic to the sport. Once you've learned it, you're free to concentrate on the finer parts of freediving: breath control, and streamlined swimming How to Free Dive. Freediving, diving underwater without the use of scuba gear, is an exhilarating experience that people have enjoyed for thousands of years. While freediving is an incredibly rewarding activity, it can also be dangerous...

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  1. ute dive off the islands of Turks and Caicos in October 2014. Staller, an ocean-loving pensioner from Long Island, New York was certified as a PADI Open Water diver in 1997 at the age of 68
  2. The record-breaking dive took place last week, when Ahmed Gabr plunged about 1,090 feet into the Red Sea off the coast of Dahab, Egypt. According to Guinness World Records, that descent -- about as deep as New York City's Chrysler Building is tall -- is the deepest scuba dive ever
  3. Dahab Freedivers is a Freediving Centre run by three of the world's most experienced freedivers in competition and training fields. Pascal Berger and Miguel Lozano, well known within the freediving community, are National Record holders in depth disciplines in their respective countries of Switzerland and Spain, with performances close to world status and extensive experience in.
  4. Molchanov already holds a number of free diving world records, including the deepest dive with fins and constant weight when he dived 130 meters in the Bahamas in 2018 (for comparison London's.
  5. An independent record label with the goal of providing the best production and marketing services to take the next ste
  6. The world record for the deepest scuba dive was broken Thursday by an Egyptian diver. Guinness World Records announced Friday that the deepest scuba dive was achieved by Ahmed Gabr, a member of Egypt's special forces, who dove to a depth of 332.35 meters, or 1,090 feet. The previous record was held by Nuno Gomes, of South Africa, who dove to 318.25 meter, or 1,044 feet, in 2005
  7. Freediving courses. Immersion Freediving was founded in 2010 with the goal of offering the most comprehensive freediving courses on the market while teaching students to dive deeper, stay longer, and most importantly become safer

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  1. Biopharma Dive is tracking these details in the database below, which will be updated regularly. U.S. biotech IPOs of $50 million or higher from the past three years are included, and we will add more stock offerings as they happen in the months and years ahead
  2. Free diving competitions are all about how long, far, or deep a person can go on one breath of air. Australian record holder Adam Stern said the sport can present deadly dangers, but appeal to.
  3. Based on a practice dive made three days before her death, she has been credited with the record, the Miami-based International Association of Free Divers said Monday

New Zealand-born free diver Ant Williams has broken the world record for the deepest dive under ice in Norway. Overseen by Guinness World Records, Williams swam down 70m below the ice to beat the. Free Dive Record How Deep Can a Human Dive? Top 3 World-Record Dives. June 11, 2020 September 4, 2015. If you're wondering how deep can a human dive, remember that divers have died trying to break the depth record. The deepest dive on record is 1082 feet (332 meters) set by Ahmed Gabr in 2014. That depth is the equivalent to approximately 10.

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Although I do regular pool (wet) training, all the 5 minute training breathholds are dry. This is because I have no dive buddy and secondly have no apparatus to measure my time under water. I'm 62 years old and have considerable free diving experience , and would very much like to reach the 5 minute breathhold Total Freedive is a freediving school currently based in Dahab, Egypt. Total Freedive provides you with AIDA Freediving courses at all levels, Training, Underwater Photography and Competitions.We offer a freediving experience that suits your individual needs that is safe and exciting and with the emphasis on fun

Molchanova's record-breaking 182-metre underwater swim without fins in 2013 At the following year's world championship in Sardinia she broke the world record with a fin by swimming underwater. Kiwi diver Ant Williams has claimed the world record for the deepest dive under ice, reaching a depth of 70m in Norway. Overseen by Guiness World Records, the Kiwi-born diver reached his target. WORLD RECORD CERTIFICATION FOR BLUEWATER FISH. The mission of The International Bluewater Spearfishing Records Committee (IBSRC) is to promote ethical, safe and sporting spearfishing practices, to establish uniform regulations for the compilation of world-bluewater gamefish records, and to. Durban - A Johannesburg woman broke the South African free-diving and African continental records at Sodwana Bay in KwaZulu-Natal. Beth Neale, 35, reached a depth of 47m without fins at the weekend

World record holder Herbert Nitsch dives to over 214m (702ft) on an historic No-Limits dive in 2007. He did this on a specially designed weighted sled that took him down more than 3.1m a second. He made this dive, on one breath of air, and the dive was over 4'24 mins long. The footage is taken from some of his dive This dive gave him his 18 th world record. CNF Record (Female): Sayuri Kinoshita (72 meters) In Apr-May 2016, Sayuri Kinoshita from Japan set the record for this category by diving to depths of 72 meters and being completely submerged for 3 minutes and 14 seconds. She is the first ever Japanese to hold such a record. Free Immersion Freediving (FIM High quality freediving, spearfishing & finswimming gear from the world's leading manufacturers at unbeatable prices. Shop Now - We Ship Worldwide

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On Tuesday, October 1, Baros Maldives worked in collaboration with the Maldivian Ministry of Tourism to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of free divers to simultaneously free. Over the years our students have complained about finding dive log filler pages for their log books. We took our students suggestions and created two different dive log filler pages for our students. The filler pages contain common information areas to record general information about the dive (environment, dive type, dive activities, conditions, tidal, weather, temperature, visibility. This is a video of Red Bull death-wisher Laso Schaller setting the new world record for highest dive (technically he does a pencil) with a 192.913-foot (58.8-meter) jump off Cascata del Salto in Maggia, Switzerland. He free-falls for 3.58 seconds and reaches a speed of 76mph (123km/h) before hitting the water The most well-known scuba course in the world, millions of people have earned their PADI certification and gone on to scuba dive the ocean's depths. In this course, you will learn to use all of the basic scuba gear and you will go on your first open water training dives with an instructor. Requirements: You must be at least 10 years old Early reports from the St. Croix Source indicate that Dr. Guy Garman, known as Doc Deep to the technical diving community, died on Saturday while attempting to break the world record for deepest scuba dive.. Garman's plan was to descend to a depth of 1,200 feet off the coast of St. Croix on Saturday, August 15th, exceeding the current record of 1,090-feet set by Ahmed Gabr in 2014

Dive.Management is a user-friendly, intuitive system, developed with dive center requirements and needs front of mind, in cooperation with dive centers across the globe. The system is simple and easy to use and captures all the data you require in one place They also offer specialized training to freediving instructors, competitive freedivers, surfers and elite athletes . Kirk and his team of PFI instructors have trained numerous world record athletes, special forces operatives, movie stars, and mor Record Windows Live Meeting; Free Soundmax; B Nazanin Farsi Font; Jquery Cards; Black Hole Compression; Tv Animation Swf; Templates Em Flash; Free Downloads: Dive Record Form. Free dive world record william trubridge. William Trubridge beats world record Training Methods of World Record Holder William Trubridge free dive 101mts Profile: William Trubridge - DeeperBlue.com William Trubridge in Maldives-Mihaaru William Trubridge | Tomkins. Statement regarding COVID-19 and AFA operations. Dear fellow freedivers, We are monitoring the developments regarding the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and assessing any potential impacts it may have on our clubs and events, and in particular, Pool Nationals 2020

TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: In this breathtaking talk, world champion freediver Guillaume Néry takes us with him into the ocean's depths. Meter by meter, he explains the physical and emotional impact of water pressure, silence and holding your breath. His eloquent description of the underwater experience reveals the hidden poetry of freediving Free diving is a very difficult and dangerous sport. Sometimes people can die trying to set this record. Lungs. When you go that deep under water without an oxygen tank, all sorts of things happen to your body. Your lungs are shrunk by the water pressure Your heart-rate drops to as low as 60 beats per minut DIVE Report. A Turkish scuba diver has broken the record for the longest open saltwater dive (male) by staying underwater for almost six days. Cem Karabay from Istanbul managed an amazing 142 hours 42 minutes and 42 seconds in open water at Yavuz Çıkarma Beach, Cyprus, smashing his own record of 71 hours, set last year

Lenswoman sets free dive record JOHANNA LOCH-ALLEN has set a new national free-diving record at the Blue Element Free-diving International Challenge in Soufriere, Dominica Dive into music with Splash - the free music-making app that gives you the power to create amazing sounds and have fun making music. Features FAQ Legals Splash - Dive into music Have fun, make music Record, export and easily share your creations with family, friends and the world. No distractions Dec 14, 2013 - Suunto dive ambassador William Trubridge sets a new world record in free-diving by diving to 101 meters (CNF unassisted). The record was made in Dean's Blue.

Freediving world record set by William Trubridge with 122m

We still dive at the same reef, but we moved about 300 meter down the road to a brand new Freediving Centre with Sports Resort and 25-meter pool. Whether you are a beginner freediver or Master Freediver, with us you start your training in Panglao, and you continue your Freedive Training at home via an online community and online coaching. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Home Free - Dive Bar Saints at Discogs. Complete your Home Free collection Stream dive by A NEW RECORD !!! from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. dive by A NEW RECORD !!! published on 2015-11-07T21:01:58Z. everyday i get a little bit better at this - _____ - Genre beats Comment by Sicaliber C. Dont read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible friday by the love of your life.. Russian freediver Alexei Molchanov set a new world record with a 113-metre dive with bi-fins at the AIDA Freediving World Competition in Sharm el-Sheikh on Thursday. It took the champion four minutes and five seconds to break the previous record of 112 metres set by Frenchman Arnaud Jerald in September Free scuba diving manuals and tables for both recreational and professional divers. All are free to download. Always consult with a qualified scuba professional before using any of the material

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  1. China has broken its own record for deepest manned dive into the world's oceans, sinking an estimated 10,909 meters (35,790 feet) into the Mariana Trench, state-run news agency Xinhua said
  2. A Free photo gallery to share your dive photos with the world. You can make this box go away; Joining is quick and easy. Login or Register now by clicking on the button Log in or Sign up. New World Free Dive Record Set Discussion in 'Snorkeling / Freediving' started by mike_s, Apr 3, 2006. Page 2 of 2 < Prev.
  3. utes and 42 seconds at Yavuz Çıkarma Beach, Cyprus - a total of almost six days spent underwater in open water. Cem also holds the record for the longest time spent underwater in a controlled environment - 192 hours, 19
  4. May 1, 2016 - A world record plunge to 122m doesn't come off without a hitch, Kiwi diver William Trubridge reveals
  5. Omega Just Set An Unbeatable World Record For The Deepest Dive Watch Ever. the Ultra Deep Professional required the development of a new forging technique and a weld-free construction, though.

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Before participating in PADI courses or programs, all student divers must complete paperwork, such as a brief scuba medical questionnaire that ask about medical conditions that could be a problem whil These creatures hold the record for deepest plunge by a marine mammal. One whale dived to depths of nearly 3,000 meters (almost 1.9 miles). This species also holds the record for the longest dives. In 2014, scientists documented one dive that lasted just over two hours. That whale stayed underwater for 137.5 minutes, setting a record Turkish world record holder to dive in sunken city to raise awareness for pollution Hazal Özcan - ANKARA. Turkey's multiple world-record holder and free-diving champion Şahika Ercümen is set to dive into a sunken city in the southeastern province of Şanlurfa's Halfeti district to raise awareness for water pollution and to highlight the significance of recycling for environment. Dive Brief: Mobile shopping app installation hit a new single-day record on Black Friday, with around 2.8 million downloads, up nearly 8% year over year, according to preliminary estimates from.

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Record-Breaking Female Free-Diver Swims Under Ice inA Diver’s Rise, and Swift Death, at the Limits of aRick Charls - WikipediaRecord-breaking husband and wife freedivers reveal theAn introduction to Rebreather diving in Gili TrawanganThe Evolution Of The Atmospheric Diving Suit | Gizmodo
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